How Does FedEx Get Into Apartment Buildings


How Does FedEx Get Into Apartment Buildings?

With the rise of e-commerce, delivery companies like FedEx have become an essential part of our lives. However, when it comes to apartment buildings, the process of delivering packages can be a bit more complex. So, how does FedEx get into apartment buildings to deliver your packages? Let’s explore the different methods and options available.

1. Obtaining Access Codes or Key Fobs: Some apartment buildings provide access codes or key fobs to delivery companies like FedEx. These codes or fobs are usually given to the residents who can share them with delivery personnel. FedEx drivers can use these codes or fobs to enter the building and deliver packages to the designated mailbox or directly to the resident’s door.

2. Intercom Systems: Many apartment buildings are equipped with intercom systems that allow residents to grant access to visitors remotely. FedEx drivers can use these systems to contact the resident and request access. Once granted, they can leave the package at the resident’s door or at a designated area within the building.

3. Building Managers or Concierges: In some cases, FedEx drivers coordinate with the building managers or concierges to gain access to apartment buildings. These personnel can provide temporary access or guide the driver to the correct location for package delivery.

4. Delivery Lockers: FedEx has implemented a network of secure delivery lockers in certain areas. These lockers are located in easily accessible locations, such as grocery stores or shopping centers. Customers can choose to have their packages delivered to these lockers, and they receive a unique code to retrieve their items at their convenience.

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5. Smart Locks or Keyless Entry Systems: As technology advances, more apartment buildings are adopting smart locks or keyless entry systems. FedEx drivers can be provided with temporary codes to unlock these systems for package delivery. This eliminates the need for physical keys or access codes.

6. Permission to Leave Packages: FedEx also offers the option for customers to authorize the driver to leave packages outside their apartment door, even in their absence. This option is particularly useful for residents who are frequently away or have a secure area where packages can be left safely.

7. Signature Release: In certain cases, FedEx may obtain the resident’s permission to leave packages without requiring a signature. This option is commonly used for small and low-value packages, where the risk of theft is minimal.


1. What if I don’t have an access code or key fob for my apartment building?
If you don’t have an access code or key fob, you can provide delivery instructions to FedEx, such as leaving the package at the building’s front desk or with a neighbor.

2. Can FedEx deliver to my apartment door?
Yes, if you live in a building with a designated delivery area or if you provide specific instructions, FedEx can deliver packages directly to your apartment door.

3. How do I request delivery to a locker?
During the online ordering process, you can choose the option to deliver your package to a FedEx locker by searching for the nearest available location.

4. Can FedEx enter my building without my permission?
FedEx drivers only enter apartment buildings with proper authorization. They follow specific protocols and respect the privacy and security of residents.

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5. What if I’m not at home when FedEx attempts delivery?
FedEx will usually leave a notice with instructions on how to reschedule delivery or pick up the package from a nearby FedEx facility.

6. Are there any size restrictions for packages delivered to apartments?
Most apartment buildings have size restrictions for packages. If your package exceeds the specified dimensions, you may need to make alternative arrangements for delivery.

7. Can I track the delivery of my package to my apartment building?
Yes, FedEx offers a tracking service that allows you to monitor the progress of your package delivery in real-time. You can track your package online or through the FedEx mobile app.

In conclusion, FedEx employs various methods to deliver packages to apartment buildings, including access codes, intercom systems, lockers, and coordination with building managers or concierges. These options ensure efficient and secure delivery to residents’ doors, making the e-commerce experience even more convenient.