How to Get Into Bloodskal Barrow


How to Get Into Bloodskal Barrow: A Guide to Unlocking its Secrets

Bloodskal Barrow is a captivating location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that holds hidden treasures and challenges for adventurers. Located on the northern coast of Solstheim, this ancient Nordic tomb is shrouded in mystery and guarded by powerful enemies. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to access Bloodskal Barrow and uncover its secrets.

1. Starting the Quest:
To begin your journey to Bloodskal Barrow, you must first complete the main storyline in the Dragonborn DLC. Once you have done this, rumors of the barrow will circulate in Raven Rock, and a new quest, “The Final Descent,” will be available.

2. Obtaining the Bloodskal Blade:
In “The Final Descent” quest, you will be tasked with recovering the Bloodskal Blade, a unique two-handed weapon. Follow the quest markers and explore the depths of Raven Rock Mine until you locate the blade, which is essential for unlocking the barrow’s entrance.

3. Activating the Bloodskal Blade’s Power:
With the Bloodskal Blade in your possession, you must learn to harness its unique power. To do this, equip the weapon and perform a power attack by holding down the attack button. The blade will emit a red energy beam, which is crucial for accessing Bloodskal Barrow.

4. Unlocking the Barrow Entrance:
Upon reaching the entrance of Bloodskal Barrow, you will notice strange energy barriers blocking your path. To remove these barriers, use the Bloodskal Blade’s power attack to strike at the energy beams emanating from the stone panels surrounding the entrance. Aim carefully and strike in the direction of the beams to disable the barriers.

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5. Navigating the Barrow’s Challenges:
Once inside Bloodskal Barrow, you will face various puzzles and enemies that guard its secrets. Be prepared for Draugr, traps, and puzzles that require you to manipulate the energy beams with the Bloodskal Blade. Use the blade’s power attack to strike at energy beams on walls, floors, or other surfaces to unlock hidden passages and progress further.

6. Collecting Valuable Loot:
As you explore the depths of Bloodskal Barrow, keep an eye out for hidden chambers and chests containing valuable loot. This tomb is known to hold enchanted weapons, armor, and rare artifacts that can greatly enhance your character’s abilities. Take your time to thoroughly search each room and defeat the enemies that stand in your way.

7. Discovering the Final Secret:
Upon reaching the deepest chamber of Bloodskal Barrow, you will encounter a powerful foe. Defeat this enemy to uncover the final secret of the tomb—a word wall that teaches you a new Dragon Shout. Learn the shout and absorb its power to complete your adventure and emerge victorious from Bloodskal Barrow.


1. Can I enter Bloodskal Barrow without completing the Dragonborn DLC?
No, the Dragonborn DLC is required to access Bloodskal Barrow.

2. Is the Bloodskal Blade necessary to enter the barrow?
Yes, the Bloodskal Blade’s power attack is essential for unlocking the entrance.

3. Can I return to Bloodskal Barrow after completing the quest?
Yes, you can revisit the barrow at any time to explore further or collect missed loot.

4. Are there any unique quests or rewards in Bloodskal Barrow?
Apart from the main quest, there are no additional quests or unique rewards in the barrow.

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5. Can I access Bloodskal Barrow before starting “The Final Descent” quest?
No, the quest must be started to gain access to the barrow.

6. Are there any level requirements to enter Bloodskal Barrow?
No, there are no specific level requirements, but being well-equipped and prepared is recommended.

7. Are there any hidden Easter eggs or secrets in Bloodskal Barrow?
While no official Easter eggs have been reported, the barrow is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered by adventurous players.