How to Get Into Juco Football


How to Get Into Juco Football

Juco, short for junior college, football provides a unique opportunity for athletes to continue their football careers while also pursuing their academic goals. Whether you have dreams of playing Division I football or simply want to improve your skills, getting into Juco football can be a stepping stone towards achieving your goals. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Research Juco Programs: Begin by researching different junior colleges in your area or those with strong football programs. Look for programs that align with your academic interests and offer the level of competition you desire.

2. Contact Coaches: Reach out to the coaches of the Juco programs you are interested in. Express your interest in joining their team and ask about any specific requirements or tryout opportunities. Coaches are often the best source of information and can provide guidance throughout the process.

3. Prepare Academically: Juco programs have academic eligibility requirements, so ensure you are on track to meet them. Focus on maintaining good grades and taking the necessary courses to meet the transfer requirements for your desired four-year college or university.

4. Attend Camps and Showcases: Participating in football camps and showcases can help you gain exposure and catch the attention of Juco coaches. These events allow coaches to evaluate your skills and assess your potential as an athlete.

5. Create a Highlight Reel: Compile the best plays from your high school football career into a highlight reel. This reel should showcase your skills, athleticism, and football IQ. Share it with coaches to give them a visual representation of your abilities.

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6. Stay in Shape: Maintain your physical fitness and work on improving your skills during the offseason. Regularly hit the gym, run drills, and practice football-specific exercises to ensure you are in top shape when it comes time to try out for a Juco team.

7. Attend Tryouts: Many Juco programs hold tryouts to evaluate potential players. Once you have expressed your interest to the coaches, they will inform you of any tryout dates or invite you to a practice session. Be prepared to showcase your skills and give your best effort during these opportunities.


1. Can I play Juco football straight out of high school?
Yes, you can play Juco football right after high school. However, keep in mind that many players choose to spend a year or two at a Juco to improve their skills and gain exposure before transferring to a four-year college or university.

2. Do Juco football players receive scholarships?
Yes, Juco football programs offer scholarships, but they are often partial scholarships. However, receiving a scholarship is not guaranteed, and it depends on the program’s budget and the player’s skills.

3. How long can I play Juco football?
You can play Juco football for up to two years. After completing two years at a junior college, you can transfer to a four-year institution to continue your football career.

4. Are Juco football games televised?
Juco football games are not typically televised like Division I college football games. However, some games may be live-streamed or broadcasted on local sports channels, providing exposure for athletes.

5. Can I transfer from a Juco to a Division I school?
Yes, many players use Juco as a stepping stone to transfer to a Division I school. However, transferring to a Division I program depends on various factors such as academic eligibility, athletic performance, and the specific requirements of the four-year institution.

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6. Can Juco football players receive athletic scholarships at four-year colleges?
Yes, after completing their time at a junior college, players who transfer to a four-year college or university can be eligible for athletic scholarships based on their performance and the needs of the program.

7. Are there academic requirements to play Juco football?
Yes, Juco football players must meet academic eligibility requirements to participate in games. These requirements vary depending on the specific junior college and the transfer requirements for four-year institutions.

In conclusion, getting into Juco football requires research, proper academic preparation, and making connections with coaches. By following these steps and taking advantage of opportunities to showcase your skills, you can increase your chances of pursuing your football dreams at the junior college level.