How to Turn a Villager Into a Cartographer


How to Turn a Villager Into a Cartographer

In the vast world of Minecraft, villagers play an essential role in your survival and progression. They can offer valuable resources, trade items, and provide various services. One such profession is that of a cartographer, who can provide you with maps and guide you through your exploration endeavors. In this article, we will guide you on how to turn a regular villager into a cartographer and benefit from their expertise.

Step 1: Locate a Villager
To begin, you must find a village and locate a suitable villager to transform into a cartographer. Keep an eye out for villagers wearing white robes, as they are the ones you need. If no cartographer is present, you can try relocating a villager from another location.

Step 2: Set Up a Lectern
Once you have found the desired villager, you need to set up a lectern. A lectern is a crucial workplace block for cartographers. Craft a lectern using four wooden planks and one bookshelf, and place it close to the villager. Ensure there is enough space for the villager to access the lectern comfortably.

Step 3: Assign the Lectern to the Villager
To assign the lectern to the villager, simply right-click on the lectern while the villager is within range. This action will lock the villager into the cartographer profession, and they will begin their transformation process.

Step 4: Trade with the Cartographer
Now that the villager has become a cartographer, you can start trading with them. Initially, the cartographer will offer basic maps and items in exchange for emeralds. As you progress and trade more, they will unlock higher-level maps and other valuable items.

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Step 5: Level Up the Cartographer
To unlock more advanced trades, you need to level up your cartographer. To do this, you can trade with them repeatedly. Each successful trade will grant them experience, and once they accumulate enough, they will level up. Higher-level cartographers offer more diverse and valuable items.


Q1. Can I turn any villager into a cartographer?
A1. No, only villagers wearing white robes can be transformed into cartographers.

Q2. How do I get emeralds to trade with the cartographer?
A2. You can obtain emeralds by mining them, trading with other villagers, or completing quests.

Q3. Can I change a cartographer back into a regular villager?
A3. No, once a villager becomes a cartographer, their profession is permanent.

Q4. Can I have multiple cartographers in a village?
A4. Yes, you can have multiple cartographers if there are enough villagers available.

Q5. What are the benefits of having a cartographer?
A5. Cartographers provide maps, which are incredibly useful for finding new locations and exploring the Minecraft world.

Q6. Can I create my maps without trading with a cartographer?
A6. Yes, you can craft empty maps using paper and a compass. However, cartographer maps are more detailed and offer valuable information.

Q7. Can I upgrade my cartographer’s lectern?
A7. No, the cartographer’s lectern cannot be upgraded or modified. It remains the same throughout their profession.

By following these steps, you can easily turn a regular villager into a cartographer and reap the benefits of their trade. Explore new territories, discover hidden treasures, and navigate the vast world of Minecraft with the help of your trusted cartographer. Happy adventuring!

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