How to Turn Gear Into Materia Ffxiv


How to Turn Gear into Materia in FFXIV: A Comprehensive Guide

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) offers players the ability to enhance their gear by converting it into materia, which can then be melded onto other pieces of equipment. Materia provides additional stat bonuses and can greatly improve your character’s abilities. In this article, we will discuss the process of turning gear into materia and answer some frequently asked questions about this mechanic.

The Process:

1. Obtaining gear: To begin, you must acquire gear that is designated as “convertible.” This gear will have a symbol indicating its suitability for this process. You can obtain convertible gear through various means, such as dungeons, raids, crafting, and gathering.

2. Unmelding: Before turning gear into materia, it is crucial to remove any existing materia melded onto the item. To do this, visit a Materia Melder NPC in a major city and select the “Remove Materia” option. This will destroy the existing materia, so be sure to remove any valuable ones beforehand.

3. Converting gear: Once the gear is free of materia, visit a Materia Melder NPC again and select the “Convert Gear” option. This will permanently convert the gear into a piece of materia.

4. Melding: After obtaining the desired materia, you can meld it onto other equipment that has available materia slots. This will provide additional stat bonuses and enhance your character’s performance.


1. Can all gear be converted into materia?
No, only gear with the “convertible” symbol can be turned into materia. This symbol is typically found in gear obtained from higher-level content.

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2. Is there a chance of failure when converting gear into materia?
No, the conversion process is guaranteed to succeed. However, it is important to note that converting gear into materia is irreversible, so ensure that you are converting the right piece of equipment.

3. What happens to the item’s appearance when it becomes materia?
When gear is converted into materia, its appearance is not affected. The materia itself is an intangible item that can be melded onto other equipment.

4. Can converted gear be traded or sold?
No, once gear has been converted into materia, it becomes bound to your character and cannot be traded or sold to other players. Be cautious when deciding which gear to convert.

5. Can I convert gear that already has existing materia melded onto it?
No, you must remove any existing materia before converting gear into materia. Visit a Materia Melder NPC and select the “Remove Materia” option to do this.

6. Can I convert gear that has already been dyed or glamoured?
Yes, gear can be converted into materia regardless of any dye or glamour effects applied to it. The conversion process does not take these cosmetic alterations into account.

7. Can I convert gear that is no longer usable by my character?
Yes, as long as the gear has the “convertible” symbol, it can be converted into materia regardless of whether it is usable by your character. This provides an opportunity to repurpose gear that is no longer needed.

In conclusion, the process of turning gear into materia in FFXIV is a valuable mechanic that allows players to enhance their equipment and improve their character’s performance. By following the steps outlined above, you can convert your gear into materia and take advantage of the additional stat bonuses it provides. Just remember to remove any existing materia before converting and be mindful of the irreversible nature of this process. Happy melding!

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