How to Turn Into a Plane in Cyber Tanks


How to Turn Into a Plane in Cyber Tanks

Cyber Tanks is an action-packed online game that allows players to engage in intense tank battles in a virtual world. One of the most exciting features of the game is the ability to transform your tank into a plane, unleashing a whole new level of gameplay. In this article, we will guide you through the process of turning into a plane in Cyber Tanks.

1. Upgrade your tank: Before you can transform into a plane, you need to ensure that your tank is upgraded to the required level. Each tank has specific upgrade requirements, including a certain level of armor, firepower, and speed. Make sure to invest your in-game currency wisely to strengthen your tank.

2. Unlock the Transformation ability: Once your tank is sufficiently upgraded, you can unlock the Transformation ability. This ability allows your tank to seamlessly morph into a powerful plane during battles. It is usually available as a special upgrade option in the game’s skill tree or tech tree.

3. Select the right moment: Timing is crucial when transforming into a plane. You need to find the perfect moment to activate the Transformation ability. It is recommended to choose a safe location away from enemy fire and obstacles. Planning your transformation during a lull in battle or when you have a strategic advantage can give you an edge over your opponents.

4. Locate the Transformation button: The Transformation ability is usually assigned to a specific button or key on your keyboard or controller. Familiarize yourself with the controls beforehand, so you can quickly activate the transformation when needed. Look for an icon representing a tank transforming into a plane.

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5. Activate the Transformation ability: Once you have selected the right moment and located the Transformation button, press it to initiate the transformation process. Your tank will seamlessly morph into a plane, ready to take to the skies and rain down destruction upon your enemies.

6. Master aerial combat: As a plane, you will have access to a whole new arsenal of weapons and abilities. Learn how to control your plane effectively, including maneuvers, aiming, and evasive tactics. Practice aerial combat techniques to maximize your damage output and survivability.

7. Utilize plane-specific abilities: In addition to standard tank abilities, planes often have unique skills and special attacks. Experiment with these abilities and incorporate them into your gameplay strategy. They can provide significant advantages, such as increased speed, enhanced firepower, or defensive maneuvers.


1. Can all tanks transform into planes in Cyber Tanks?
Not all tanks can transform into planes. Only specific tank models that are unlocked through progression in the game can access this feature.

2. How long does the transformation process take?
The transformation process is usually instantaneous, allowing you to quickly switch between tank and plane forms.

3. Can I transform back into a tank after turning into a plane?
Yes, you can transform back into a tank whenever you want by activating the Transformation ability again.

4. Are there any limitations to the transformation ability?
Some tanks may have limitations on the duration of the plane form or the frequency of transformations. Make sure to check the details of your tank’s abilities.

5. Can I use the same weapons in both tank and plane forms?
In most cases, tanks and planes have different weapon systems. While some weapons may be shared, each form generally has a unique set of armaments.

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6. How can I improve my plane’s performance?
Similar to tanks, planes can be upgraded with various enhancements. Invest in upgrades that improve speed, maneuverability, and weapon systems to enhance your plane’s performance.

7. Can I unlock multiple tanks with transformation abilities?
Yes, as you progress through the game, you can unlock multiple tanks with unique transformation abilities, offering diverse gameplay experiences.

In conclusion, turning into a plane in Cyber Tanks adds an exciting twist to the gameplay, allowing players to engage in aerial combat with enhanced abilities. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be soaring through the skies and dominating the battlefield in no time.