What Block Turns a Villager Into a Fisherman


What Block Turns a Villager Into a Fisherman?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to explore, build, and interact with an open world. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the presence of villagers, which are non-player characters that inhabit the various villages scattered throughout the game.

In Minecraft, villagers have different professions that determine their trades and behaviors. One of the professions available is the fisherman. The fisherman villager is essential for players who want to obtain fish and other valuable items related to fishing.

So, what block turns a villager into a fisherman? The answer is simple: the presence of a barrel. Placing a barrel near a villager will enable them to transform into a fisherman. This allows players to engage in trading activities related to fishing and acquire unique items.

The addition of barrels to villages in Minecraft adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Players can now easily find and interact with fishermen villagers, making it convenient to obtain fish and other fishing-related items. This is especially useful for players who enjoy fishing and want to enhance their gameplay by trading with villagers.


1. Where can I find barrels in Minecraft?
Barrels can be found in generated structures, such as villages, shipwrecks, and bastions. They can also be crafted using six planks and two wooden slabs.

2. How do I place a barrel near a villager?
Simply place the barrel within a few blocks of a villager. The villager will automatically detect the presence of the barrel and transform into a fisherman.

3. What items can I trade with a fisherman villager?
Fishermen villagers offer a variety of trades related to fishing. These include raw fish, buckets of tropical fish, name tags, enchanted books, and even nautilus shells.

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4. Can I change a villager’s profession after it has transformed into a fisherman?
No, once a villager has transformed into a fisherman, their profession is fixed. However, you can always cure a zombie villager and assign them a different profession using a lectern or a job site block.

5. Do fisherman villagers require any specific biome to spawn?
No, fisherman villagers can spawn in any village, regardless of the biome. However, the availability of other village structures may vary depending on the biome.

6. Can I breed fisherman villagers?
Yes, you can breed fisherman villagers using bread or potatoes. This allows players to expand their population of fisherman villagers and increase their trading options.

7. What are the benefits of trading with fisherman villagers?
Trading with fisherman villagers allows players to obtain valuable fishing-related items without the need for extensive fishing activities. This saves time and offers a convenient alternative for players who want to focus on other aspects of the game.

In conclusion, the introduction of barrels in Minecraft has provided players with the ability to easily transform villagers into fishermen. This opens up new trading opportunities and allows players to obtain fish and other fishing-related items conveniently. So, if you’re looking to engage in fishing activities in Minecraft, make sure to have a barrel nearby to turn a regular villager into a fisherman.