What Comes Into Our Minds Tozer


What Comes Into Our Minds: Insights from Tozer

In the realm of Christian literature, few authors have been as influential as A.W. Tozer. Known for his profound theological insights and profound understanding of the human soul, Tozer continues to captivate readers with his timeless works. One of his most thought-provoking concepts is the idea of what comes into our minds and how it shapes our lives.

Tozer believed that the thoughts we allow into our minds have a significant impact on our spiritual and emotional well-being. He argued that the mind is the battleground where our thoughts and beliefs clash, ultimately determining the course of our lives. Tozer believed that our thoughts shape our character, influence our actions, and ultimately determine our destiny.

So, what exactly comes into our minds? Tozer suggested that our minds are constantly bombarded with a multitude of thoughts and ideas, both positive and negative. These thoughts can originate from various sources, such as our own experiences, society, media, and even spiritual entities. Tozer emphasized the need for discernment in filtering the thoughts that we allow to take root in our minds.

To help shed light on this profound concept, here are seven frequently asked questions about what comes into our minds, along with answers inspired by Tozer’s teachings:

1. Can we control the thoughts that come into our minds?
Tozer believed that while we cannot always control the initial thoughts that enter our minds, we have the power to choose which thoughts we dwell upon and entertain. Through discipline and intentional focus, we can train our minds to reject negative or harmful thoughts.

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2. How can we discern between helpful and harmful thoughts?
Tozer advocated for a deepening relationship with God and reliance on the Holy Spirit for discernment. By aligning our thoughts with biblical principles and seeking God’s guidance, we can differentiate between thoughts that lead us closer to God and those that lead us astray.

3. How do negative thoughts impact our spiritual growth?
Tozer warned that negative thoughts, such as doubt, fear, and bitterness, hinder our spiritual growth and intimacy with God. They can create barriers that prevent us from fully surrendering to God’s will and experiencing His transforming power in our lives.

4. Can positive thinking alone transform our lives?
Tozer believed that positive thinking, while valuable, is insufficient for true transformation. He argued that our thoughts must be grounded in truth and aligned with God’s Word to bring about lasting change. Genuine transformation requires surrendering our minds to God’s will and allowing Him to renew our thoughts.

5. How can we guard our minds against harmful influences?
Tozer emphasized the importance of being intentional about what we expose our minds to. This includes being selective about the media we consume, the company we keep, and the thoughts we entertain. He encouraged believers to surround themselves with godly influences and to immerse themselves in Scripture.

6. Can we overcome negative thought patterns?
Tozer believed that with God’s help, we can overcome negative thought patterns and replace them with thoughts that align with God’s truth. By continuously renewing our minds through prayer, meditation on Scripture, and intentional focus on God’s character, we can break free from destructive thought patterns.

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7. How can we make our minds a dwelling place for God?
Tozer taught that making our minds a dwelling place for God requires surrendering our thoughts, desires, and ambitions to Him. It involves cultivating a heart and mind that are continually seeking God’s presence, wisdom, and guidance.

In conclusion, Tozer’s insights on what comes into our minds offer a profound understanding of the power of thoughts in shaping our lives. By being intentional about the thoughts we allow to take root in our minds and seeking God’s guidance for discernment, we can experience transformation and a deeper intimacy with God. May we be inspired by Tozer’s teachings to guard our minds and allow God’s truth to shape our thoughts and actions.