What to Wear Into a Sauna


What to Wear Into a Sauna: A Guide to Comfort and Etiquette

Saunas have been used for centuries as a means of relaxation and rejuvenation. The therapeutic benefits of saunas are well-known, from improving circulation to relieving stress. However, one common question that often arises is what to wear into a sauna. While the answer may seem straightforward, there are a few things to consider to ensure both comfort and proper etiquette.

1. Should I wear clothes in a sauna?
Most traditional saunas are enjoyed in the nude, as it allows for the full benefits of heat and steam to reach your body. However, if you’re uncomfortable with nudity or if you’re in a public sauna, wearing a towel or a swimsuit is acceptable. Just keep in mind that it may affect the overall experience and your body’s ability to fully sweat and detoxify.

2. What kind of towel should I bring?
A towel is an essential item to bring into a sauna. Opt for a large, absorbent towel that you can sit or lay on to protect the sauna bench from sweat. A lightweight and quick-drying towel will also be more comfortable to use during your sauna session.

3. Can I wear jewelry or accessories?
It is best to avoid wearing any jewelry or accessories in a sauna. Metal can heat up quickly and become uncomfortable or even burn your skin. Additionally, leaving valuable items outside the sauna reduces the risk of losing or misplacing them.

4. Should I wear a hat in a sauna?
Wearing a hat is not necessary, but it can help protect your hair from the intense heat and excessive sweating. If you choose to wear one, opt for a lightweight and breathable material like cotton or a sauna-specific hat made from absorbent fabric.

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5. What footwear should I wear?
Barefoot is typically the norm in a sauna, as it allows for better heat transfer. However, if you’re uncomfortable being barefoot or if the sauna floor is too hot, you can wear non-slip sandals or flip-flops. Just ensure they are made from a material that can withstand the heat and won’t cause discomfort.

6. Can I bring a robe or cover-up?
Bringing a robe or cover-up is recommended, especially if you prefer some modesty or if you’re in a public sauna. A lightweight and breathable robe will allow you to move around comfortably while providing coverage when needed.

7. What should I wear after a sauna session?
After your sauna session, it’s important to cool down gradually. Opt for loose, breathable clothing made from natural fibers like cotton or linen. Avoid tight or synthetic materials that can trap heat and moisture, hindering the cooling process.


Q1. Can I wear swimwear in a sauna?
Yes, wearing swimwear in a sauna is acceptable if you’re uncomfortable with nudity or in a public sauna setting. Choose a swimsuit made from breathable fabric to allow for better heat transfer.

Q2. Can I wear makeup in a sauna?
It is best to avoid wearing makeup in a sauna, as the heat can cause it to run or clog pores. Opt for a fresh face to allow your skin to breathe and maximize the sauna’s benefits.

Q3. Can I bring a towel to sit on?
Yes, bringing a towel to sit on is highly recommended. It helps maintain hygiene and prevents sweat from directly contacting the sauna bench.

Q4. Can I wear a sports bra or underwear in a sauna?
While it’s not forbidden, wearing a sports bra or underwear in a sauna can be uncomfortable due to the heat and excessive sweating. It is best to go without or wear minimal, breathable clothing.

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Q5. Can I bring a water bottle into a sauna?
It is generally not recommended to bring a water bottle into a sauna. The high heat can cause the plastic to release harmful chemicals. Instead, ensure you are well-hydrated before entering the sauna and drink water afterward.

Q6. Should I wear a towel around my waist in a co-ed sauna?
If you’re in a co-ed sauna, it is best to wear a towel around your waist for modesty. This helps create a respectful and comfortable environment for everyone.

Q7. Can I wear a sauna suit in a sauna?
Wearing a sauna suit in a sauna is not advisable. Sauna suits are designed for intense workouts and can cause overheating in the already high-temperature environment of a sauna. Stick to lightweight, breathable clothing instead.

In conclusion, while the choice of what to wear into a sauna ultimately depends on personal comfort and the sauna’s rules, embracing nudity or wearing minimal clothing allows for the full benefits of heat therapy. However, if you prefer to wear something, choose breathable fabrics and avoid accessories or jewelry that may cause discomfort or pose safety risks. Remember, the most important factor is to ensure your comfort and respect the etiquette of the sauna environment.