Asha Vade
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"The biggest challenges with entering the system again are managing expectations from work and home and gearing up for technologies relevant to the work you’re assigned. The internship certainly helped in addressing all of this and more as it gave me the opportunity to explore all of it without being overwhelmed by the company’s demands."

Asha Vade

Engineer -> Mother -> Fitness Consultant -> Intuit Again

Looking back

Asha graduated from engineering in 1997 and worked with some of the largest companies across varied fields like technology and finance. In no time, she transitioned from the role of developer to technical project manager and continued working till the year 2010. She worked with technologies like JAVA Enterprise edition and Database.


She took a break in the year 2010 after her child turned 3. Asha had always been passionate about fitness. During her break, she became a professional fitness consultant and expert, working with many clients towards achieving their health goals.

In 2014, she started looking for opportunities to get back to work in technology.

Back on track

While looking for relevant openings, Asha was introduced to the Intuit Again program. She had kept herself updated with the current trends in tech by educating herself through online tutorials. She had also subscribed to many technical journals and trained herself in PMP. At Intuit, she was introduced to new technologies which she picked up easily because of how the program was structured. The self-learning website, along with ILN, Safari Books, Plural Sight and in-house training made it easy for her to upgrade her technical skills. When asked to describe her internship experience in a few words, she chose ‘confidence building, re-inventive and intuitively inclusive’.

Technology and team

She joined the Salesforce team where she worked on JIRA and other confluence tools. She currently works with JAVA, Spring Boot and AWS and is thrilled to be able to work on applications that drive prosperity for people across the globe.

The Intuit Difference

At Intuit, there are always opportunities to do work that impacts the lives of millions worldwide. Intuit uses the program to reach out to gifted women technologists looking to come back to work. A conversation with Asha will tell you how easy the program makes it to bridge any gaps in technical expertise and how inclusive the environment is, from day one. Built with the idea to handhold and mentor applicants from start to finish, Intuit Again gave Asha the confidence and tools needed to restart her career.

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