Devashree Mukherjee
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"The biggest challenge that we face once we come back is that the technologies we used when we left the industry would have progressed quite a bit. There are new tools in the market for doing most of the things which we may not have been exposed to until we rejoin the industry. This program helps to on-board so seamlessly, accepting the fact that there might be a learning curve. But that part is patiently handled by the mentors and other team members equally without any prejudice."

Devashree Mukherjee

Engineer -> Mother -> Entrepreneur -> Intuit Again


Devashree’s tech journey began with working for the biggest names in the industry. She gathered hands-on experience working with various technologies and platforms like Project Plan and other JAVA based applications. After graduating in 1995, she started her tech career in 1997 which took her to places like Singapore and Malaysia. She worked at various firms until 2009 when she decided to take a break.

Pressing pause

After her wedding, Devashree decided to take a break from the world of technology and pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. She set up a day-care for children which she ran successfully for 5+ years.

Getting back on track

Coming back to the office after a long break can be pretty daunting. This is especially true in technology where things change every day. Devashree was introduced to the Intuit Again program by a close friend while she prepared to come back to work with a course from IIM.

The Internship

The Intuit Again program is designed to make this transition as easy and helpful as possible. Just ask Devashree and she’ll tell you that she felt welcomed and included at every step. With a limited experience in program management, she was introduced to ServiceNow and other confluence tools for the first time. Backed by a strong framework of mentorship and closely monitored learning, it didn’t take her long to hit the ground running. When asked to describe her experience in a few words, she chose ‘Awesome, supportive, stepping stone’. It’s inspiring to be a part of a team that builds technology that more than 40 million people use every day. She says at Intuit, learning experiences are always at hand and there’s no shortage of opportunities to bridge gaps in technical expertise that tend to develop.

Projects and people

Having previously worked on Project Plan and JAVA intensive technology, she joined the Project Infrastructure team as a Project Manager and worked on software to hardware transition with servers, platforms, ServiceNow and JIRA.

The Intuit Difference

The biggest difference Devashree found between Intuit and other places of work is that here she saw that she could reach her potential. Intuit attracts the world’s top talent because of its mission - to power prosperity around the world. Here people do real work that impacts millions. The work culture, mentorship, opportunities to learn and grow at her own pace, made it the perfect place to restart her career.

What about you?

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