Lakshmi Prasanna
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"The best thing about Intuit is, it gives you all the resources for learning. What you need to concentrate on is learning and you’ll have everything. During the internship, you are given time and resources to fill the technological gap created during breaks. I will always remember the moment when I got the spotlight recognition within my first month of joining the internship."

Lakshmi Prasanna M S

Engineer -> Mother -> Intuit Again


Lakshmi Prasanna started her tech career in 2003 and worked in the telecom industry for 9 years. She worked with 3 leading companies as an individual contributor on C and C++.

The break

After the birth of her First child in 2012, she decided to take a 5-year long break till 2017. She spent about 6 months developing her skills and adapting to new software technologies as she prepared to come back to work.

The Internship

Having worked solely in the tech domain during her career, she joined Intuit in a contrasting capacity. She was introduced to, a language entirely new to her and was taught to implement Agile methodologies. The program is designed to attract those who love a challenge because at Intuit, people work every day on technologies that better the lives of millions around the world. She says that the internship was incredibly helpful in restoring her confidence after getting back to work following a long break. When asked to describe it in as few words as possible, she chose ‘Awesome, encouraging and confidence-inspiring.’

Projects and people

Lakshmi joined the Product Infrastructure team working on TurboTax, which is one of Intuit’s many products that helps people manage their finances. She currently works with JAVA and Spring Boot and is excited to be a part of a team that wants to power prosperity the world over.

The Intuit Difference

People come to Intuit to work on projects and applications that touch the lives of millions worldwide. Through Intuit Again, Intuit works towards rediscovering talented women technologists. The program is structured and designed to allow women of various skill levels to find their feet in the world of tech again. Just ask Lakshmi and she’ll tell you how accessible learning opportunities at Intuit are. Intuit Again provided her with the resources and time needed to bridge every gap and jumpstart her career again.

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