Monika Agrawal
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“For me, Intuit Again opened avenues to new life. My confidence was back. I was actually making a difference by getting to solve some of the key challenging problems”.

Monika Agrawal

Engineer → Mother → Intuit Again


Monika’s tech journey began in 2007 and she then worked primarily on Java, WebSphere, SQL in one of the biggest MNCs in the industry. After her marriage in 2009, she shifted to Mumbai and started working on technologies like Struts, Web Services, SOAP, and TIBCO and contributed towards building a web application for one of the renowned banks in India.

The break

By 2012, she conceived and decided to go for a break due to health reasons. When her son was born in 2013, she sought to extend this break even further in order to raise him till the time he was capable enough to express his feelings with her. During this gap, she spent time to expand her father’s online business and pursued classes in oil painting. When her son turned 4, she decided to restart her career afresh. She was aware that the transition back to work wouldn’t be easy, but she never lost hope. Monika got to know about Intuit Again from a close friend of hers and was fully determined to give her career a second shot, once again.

The Internship

The internship program was there to make her transition back to work seamless. As she fondly recollects her Intuit Again internship days, her smile reveals her experience. She feels blessed and fortunate to be a part of this empowering program which not only claims but changes life and actually ensures women technologists on break join back the mainstream with ease, as if the break never existed. When asked to describe her story around Intuit Again in few words, she chose, ‘It’s a life- changing event for me”.

Projects and People

During the Intuit Again internship program, she got to contribute on some of the latest technologies like Spring Boot, AWS, Flyway DB, React JS and developed a user interface right from the scratch. Just ask Monika, she’ll tell you how flexible is the work-culture at Intuit. Apart from being diversity facing, she realized how Intuit is committed to powering prosperity for all. A conversation with her will tell you how much support she received from her hiring manager, Vijayan, who mentored her to do the best work of her life.

The Intuit Difference

The biggest difference Monika found within herself was a change in her confidence and her ability to realize her real potential. For her, Intuit Again was much more than just a program. It opened avenues to new opportunities to learn and grow and she felt her confidence got boosted immensely when she was actually making a difference by getting to work on some of the key projects.

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