Rajeswari Krishnakumar
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"The hiring interview was mainly on testing my fundamentals and my problem solving skills. I was given clear information about the different rounds of interview. The interview panel was very understanding and made me comfortable throughout the process"


Tell us about your life before taking the break. What were you doing, where were you working? How many years of experience do you have?

Before joining Intuit, I had a total experience of about 3 years as front-end developer in Software Product development.

What led you to take a break in your career?

I had twin babies and hence I took the career break to concentrate on my family.

How many years of a break did you take?

Total of about 2.5 years.

Were you looking for an opportunity to start your career again, or the opportunity made you start looking for it?

I was looking for a job where I can manage my family as well as get to do some really exciting work. Intuit matched my requirements and that got me really interested.

Describe your experience with the Intuit Again process- How Intuit reached out to you, the interview and evaluation process, did Intuit help you prepare better for the interview and the on boarding experience?

Starting from my interview process till the last day of my internship it was well organized. The required information about the various interview rounds was shared well in advance which helped me prepare better for the interview. The hiring process was mainly focused on evaluating my fundamentals and my problem solving skills. The interview panel was very understanding and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Post joining Intuit, the internship started off with a boot camp in the first week where we had inspiring talks from heads of various business units that helped me gain confidence.

How did the Intuit Again program help you overcome doubts and challenges if any?

Initially I was really skeptical if I will be able manage my work and family. But seeing other women in Intuit Again program doing it successfully gave me the confidence and made me believe in my capabilities. Also, I got very good technical support and guidance from my mentor.  I was put into a live project and was given abundant opportunities which helped me improve and ramp up my technical and coding skills. Also the help from our senior Intuit Again batch and from our lean-on program helped us have a smooth comeback.

How would you like to describe the 1st day of the program?

The program was well organized. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. I was able to connect with other women in the batch as every one of us was in a similar situation.

How was your experience at Intuit?

Intuit is employee friendly company that also gives you immense opportunities to grow your technical skills. I have had the right work-life balance throughout the journey. Overall this program is a great platform that helped me to bridge gaps in my technical knowhow and kick start my career after a break.

How has this experience helped you grow as a professional? What are the challenges you faced in adapting to coming back to a workplace in tech after a gap? Does Intuit provide you the opportunity to explore, learn and adopt to newer technologies and ways of working?

As I was put into live project, I ramped up my speed and gained confidence. My team gave me enough time to learn new technologies.

How did you manage your come back?

Managing work and home was the biggest challenge. I had good support system (caretaker for the kids and domestic help) in place before I joined back to work. My husband was also equally involved in managing the house.

Could you describe the experience in one word/one phrase?


What would their advice be to other women thinking of coming back to the workplace? How do they need to prepare?

Be confident and believe in your capabilities. Make sure to have a proper support system in place so that you can balance home and work.

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