Ramani Gorti
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"The first day of the program was Awesome. Every thing was perfectly planned. We were given our machines, user accounts, given complete charter for the week. Great sessions with our Buddy and Mentor. It was fantabulous!!!"


Tell us about your life before taking the break.

I have around 6 years of full time experience and 4 years of Part time experience in technology. I worked in multiple organizations in multiple roles as a Developer, Tech Lead, QA Engineer and a Mentor

Why did you take a break in your career?

Children, family and other personal priorities

How many years of a break did you take?

I had multiple breaks but the last break was 3 years

Describe your Intuit Again experience?

I came to know about #IntuitAgain Program through an Intuit Employee. I had an amazing experience with the interview Process. They were quite professional at every step starting from Interview call, receiving us at Intuit, interviewing and declaring the results. Initially the interview seemed to be tough but the interviewers gave us enough time to settle down. The process was quite interesting where we were tested for our programming skills, logical thinking and common sense. We were received with great respect and gave us complete confidence to restart our career again

How was your 6 months internship experience at Intuit?

Intuit Again Program is a boon for me. I had multiple breaks in my career and I completely lost my confidence that I can get to work in technology again. The Intuit Again program helped us by giving 6 months of internship where we worked on various technologies by consistently being part of the project. During these six months we got to know about Intuit culture, new tools & technologies, Intuit Products and Intuit rich customer base. Adding to this we had sessions from senior leaders - like Intuit India VP/MD, BU heads, Architects and HR heads as part of the program that really boosted our confidence.

How would you like to describe the 1st day of the program?

The first day of the program was Awesome. Every thing was perfectly planned. We were given our machines, user accounts, given complete charter for the week. Great sessions with our Buddy and Mentor. It was fantabulous!!!

How was your experience at Intuit?

We were supported by a mentor and a buddy as part of the program who really helped us to quickly learn new technologies, using these learnings practically in the project and to gel with the team. Throughout the journey I had excellent support from my manager who not only boosted my confidence but also gave me good direction. He gave me excellent opportunities to prove myself. We had One-on-One sessions with monthly check-ins and defined milestones. My special moment was when I was appreciated by the team and received Spotlight award from my manager. Frankly speaking, Intuit provides special moments quite often. One more special moment was when the IDC VP/MD, Vijay Anand, himself invited us to Intuit family. Intuit Annual Program (#IntuitLifeLIVE) was itself a great special moment for me and my family. I was very much inspired by CEO Brad Smith’s address to India employees when he visited India and was a special and memorable moment.

How has this experience helped you grow as a professional?

Yes.I strongly agree that this program is a great opportunity for those who want to re-enter the workplace and learn newer technologies. We were really treated special and were supported by many people - Team members, mentor, buddy, other members of the Intuit Again program team itself, HR, BU heads themselves. We could really feel that we are important to Intuit. We were provided with multiple resources like Safari Online, Plurals sight to quickly get into new technologies. We were also given opportunity to register for training programs required for our work (like Agile training, Splunk training, Git training).

How did you manage your come back?

I had great support from my husband and children to balance my work and home. To add to this Intuit provides good facilities like transport, cafeteria for the employees and even fun events to make us feel comfortable

What would your advice be to other women thinking of coming back to work?

Intuit is the best place to work with and women should come back to work to have their own identity, a sense of satisfaction and completeness in life.

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